...off to a Flying Start since Sunday 15th August 2010

...off to a Flying Start since Sunday 15th August 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010


This is a prime noiserock album that I put together from two sessions we had back in 2002(could be 2003).Scumreggae and Doggy Gym feature the bass guitar talents of Danny who was kicking around town in a band called Substandard.Rustle Covini plays drums on all tracks.I play rhythm and lead guitar on all tunes.Richard Neave plays treble guitar throughout and Lisa Clement plays electric violin on Harley Davidson Apocalypse and Ironbeing.
These were quite fun and spontaneous jams that we did before I left Christchurch to live in Wellington.All songs were recorded on a digitally overdriven minidisc player which gives the noisier Danny-driven tracks a distinct "suction effect" where Ricko pops through with the treble message.
Metal funk;not funk Metal.

The last track entitled "New Blend of Hate" is myself on bass and Rustle drumming.
Lisa was keen to join in so we put her violin through Ricko's amp which created a bit of a see-sawing effect between the two sound source's.They made love through the speaker!
The house that we recorded this was down Kilmore Street next to a power substation that did strange things to my Alron Fatboy amp. Richard,Lisa and I lived here for a while and it has now been demolished by developers.That's how it goes in the Flatcity...

Anyhow,noiseheads and skank walkers should have a picnic out of this one!

P.s.If anyone has any pictures of Danny or Lisa I will upload them for the write up.
The name Earmuff came about because we were all wearing earplugs.Sensible times insane racket no complaints..also cheers to Dave Kahn for taking this picture of us at his house a year or two ago. Cheers Chris for the photo of Danny!

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