...off to a Flying Start since Sunday 15th August 2010

...off to a Flying Start since Sunday 15th August 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2016

TONY VALENS and the GHETTO GHOSTS (live at the Wunderbar)

  This is a recording of a cold Saturday night down at Lyttelton's premiere underock venue the Wunderbar. Nick renamed us (the rhythm section) as the "Ghetto Ghosts" for this performance which he recorded in hard stereo on an overdriven old tapedeck. Unfortunately the tape runs out just before we finished our second set. It's a good representation of what this line-up sounded like if you bothered to come out on such a chilly night....
  I think I was a bit drunk before we even set up, we had two drumkits (no it wasn't double vision) so I set up the black superkit. At one point on the tape you can hear my 360 degree drum fill. Dan the bass player and I kept the bottom end for Nick to rip distorted shards from the guitar.
  We had a special guest play saxophone that night too-not sure where he came from but he kept going on about "kiwi's being too shy" and hitting on Dan's girlfriend while we were busy being loud. Although he was born here his American accent cut through everywhere-apparently he'd just come off touring with Blondie's band in the States and I thought he was coming off a cocaine habit or something thereabout's and flashy. I found it all amusing! Through the haze I remember him poking his brassy horn over the top of my superdrums and honking in my face like a horny big old duck! Anyhow we didn't give him a lot of room to move and if you're not worn out by hearing fatigue you might hear some sax popping through on this recording every now and then...
  Having a break between sets just allowed me to get more fuel into my system so these are my only memories except the last tune where our good friend David Kahn joined us on vocals for "Blue Moon". This old romantic ballad was a suitable end to the night....and off we went.

Nick Harte-guitar
Lynton Denovan-drums
Dan Brady-bass
David Ironside-saxophone

P.S. The title photo was taken by myself some years later after the earthquakes of 2011 had decimated the inner city of Christchurch. The concert was recorded sometime during 2001(probably winter) and the tracks are only separated as "set 1" and "set 2". Refer to the tape cover for song titles and play loud with a speaker in each ear!

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