...off to a Flying Start since Sunday 15th August 2010

...off to a Flying Start since Sunday 15th August 2010

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Assetstripper....Back At The Magic Shop

  Here's yet another installment of unashamed digital self promotion. I'm posting this as I think it's quite a spirited set with some exciting under-rehearsed newbies. Over practising sometimes kills the initial spark so we hardly do that sort of thing, we hardly ever play as well. Keep it fresh!
  So there's heaps of "mistakes" of which I believe adds character......I'm not in it for the money so I can afford to shun professional musicianship. We did get sixty bucks from this show(thanks Michael Zulicki!) which helped us buy some chips....
  Every band I play in seems to have a venue or two as it's home base for showing off-Assetstripper's is Alyssa McBain's shed out in Whittlesea and local magician Dane Cerificate's small theatre in Coburg. Encounter Group's performance platform was a yuppie meat ranch in Fitzroy and the Satanic Rocker's hot night spot was IDGAFF(I Don't Give A Flying Fuck) which kinda summed up the lack of audience attendance.
  The audio file plays as one long track as I didn't want to edit out the audience enthusiasm, so I'll list of the tunes further down. Thanks to Tommy Gun for taking the photo of us near the venue and Carly for placing the Zoom H2N somewhere so the recording could be made....sorry for lack of writing in regards to the other bands but I was in my own fantastic rock and roll bubble and selfishly didn't check out the other performers properly in order to do them critical justice.....

Setlist........Rational Cannibal, Instrumental, Don't Forget To Chew, Walking Wounded, Constant Renovator, Drunk But Enthusiastic(glitter glam version)

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