...off to a Flying Start since Sunday 15th August 2010

...off to a Flying Start since Sunday 15th August 2010

Monday, December 26, 2011

SATANIC ROCKERS "Xmas Fart Cracker" album 2011.

We went away for a holiday up to Sydney,Bateman's Bay and Canberra just before Christmas.This is our gift for rock starved ears and represents the fruits of our rehearsal sessions from the last few months.Tim and I did the engineering and mixing.It is quite low-fi but I think these "rough and ready" demos have a rather spirited feel to them.
The limited edition tour album artwork was drawn whilst on the road and displays the high-mindedness of four healthy men in a rock and roll band who "kept their packets"(most of the covers are included in the zip file).We had a mass giveaway of these cd's in magical Wandella after a show in which Josh threw the discs at an angry gaggle of young blokes who wanted his blood.Maybe they will throw it on the soundsystem?
Seasons Greetings!
Let off an Xmas Fart Cracker Now!

Here's a little clip of our recent concert at Edinburgh Gardens where an enthused homeowner decided to finally pop over and meet us.. ..

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do it yourself-permit not included

This is a sign of things to come-batteries,amps,songs and public spaces.Piotr kindly filmed this.The Satanic Rockers will be hosting a summer series of park gigs during January and February 2012.I will let you's know more details when it comes to hand . . .battery powered occupations happening soon!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Teen Punks From Christchurch

My friend Michael Banks and I recorded this tape on my mum's Sanyo tapedeck back in 1992 when we were sixteen.It was a cold afternoon on a Friday at the end of the first term.My mum and her friend were in the kitchen listening(amusedly!) while we were jamming in the lounge on my sister's drumkit and my buddy David Beans Vester guitar with Peavy practice amp.Mike broke a string and I only had one drumbeat as I was "fresh".The lyrics were improvised by Michael and were about molesters,murderers and monsters which was our bread and butter at school rather than learning.Sod Cock was a character that Mike came up with(his artwork is on the cover) who was a punk rock sadist with vomit and violence emanating eternally without remorse!
No drugs,no fashion,just enthusiasm!And I distinctly remember a sickening feeling that the tinnitis gave me afterwards.. ...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Howdy doody moody poody,here's a clip filmed by Tim Wood of a very very close friend's band who played the other night at Flying Fucks Bar.The band had a great time up on stage and the audience were compelled to dance.It was quite a cheap concert and lot's of bands performed.What can you get for $4.99 these days?A one dollar coffee with a cheese and steak and bacon pie with five cents change to throw at some drug addict.I hope you enjoy this clipping and comments are most welcome.. .Musician's Discount.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Satanic Rocker "fruitshop rat" e.p.

"I went away for a holiday and when I came back off I was laid..."
Currently I have a lot of time on my hands and little patience so I wrote and recorded this ditty. This is a true story of how my workmate got me fired from the fruitshed.I guess he has done me a little favour in that I don't have to deal with the cunt anymore and he has been a true inspiration in my music-I think he took a thorough pommie disliking for me after the first song I wrote about his band.I reckon melbourne needs a good band battle to liven things up.This recording was done by myself with a bit of help from Dave Michaels in the lyric writing department.The second track is an instrumental version with different guitar lines.The Satanic Rockers are currently performing this song around reputable venues in town.. .And also here is the almost ten minute long tune I recorded about my ex-girlfriend.Seems like a decent amount of time to spend ruminating on a disposable friendship.I guess it's the modern way-overtures of committment and affection suddenly discarded like an old chocolate wrapper in the next instant.Well,she's moved on to my bandmate so maybe we'll play this one live.I recorded all the tracks myself on my trusty computer and the song is called "From the Throne".

Saturday, June 4, 2011

satanic rockers tenement block

Here is a clip filmed by our very dear friend Jane.It was performed last Sunday at a bar with the very barbaric name Igdaff in Melbourne.The beginning is very self indulgent as Dave and I had found a lot of mushrooms next to a train station earlier that day and i was taking them for a test run...watch on viewer!
(thanks to my friend Dave in Christchurch for the de-nazified iron cross that he let me take a photo of!)

Monday, May 16, 2011

...time on my arms so here's the Rockshop Live Album!!

This was one of our last shows recorded early 2009 at a renowned do it yourself cultural haven known as Spacething located in the windy town of Wellington New Zealand.We played before Knifefight who put on the show to celebrate the release of their seven inch record.Thanks for having us Brendan,John and Meno! I set up the tapedeck with the plastic stereo condenser microphone that ALC5 gave me and the results are warmly pleasing.The set list covers all of the tunes we ever wrote and it was a good show that we were all happy with.Sadly we all dispersed to different parts of N.Z. and I moved to Australia shortly afterwards.I felt like we were just getting into our stride...Kim sings,Edie drums,Kristen plays keyboards and I (Lynton) performed guitar.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ets bin ah wile.. .

Here is a piece of footage kindly filmed by Rob at kOf Gallery from our first Satanic Rockers show.It's a bit rickety but that's what you get at a cheap show.. .

Friday, January 7, 2011

five dollar rip-off

and here is heavy turkey's five dollar rip-off.recorded in 2008 in wellington at the klearnote loungepad onto tascam four track this motherfucker was overloaded! there were some overdubs done on "bat's" and "satan raise the dead" involving the computer. i had an amateur's stab at compression and e.q. on a couple of tracks and tried to smooth out the upper frequencies so that it goes down like a warm slug down a canetoad's throat so let your ears flap around these thanks dude...Dave and I did the artwork by taking turns trying to draw each other..
The five dollar rip-off concept evolved out of our rushed production;we recorded,mixed,and manufactured the run of fifty cdr's in twenty four hours.That's why the sound quality is not as good as the first album.We also repeated a couple of tracks from the earlier release so you can do a comparison between the different versions.......schneurch!
Here is a clip filmed by Dave's girlfriend of us playing at the late Records Records in Dunedin which was run by Pat Faigan.Early 2009.....

Rockshop Album Rockshop(2009)

Previously I posted the Rockshop e.p.,so here is the album!It was recorded in 2009 on my fourtrack.No slack just christian rat attack snap,the bat's back! Fans of electric panflute will be disappointed..here's a clip filmed at the Klearnote of us by Piotr Wolodzko(hope I spelt your last name right!)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

At Last The Long-Promised New Satanic Rockers Album!!

It's taken about six months to get this sucker done but quality does not come quickly. This is my first digital era album and I am as pleased as peanuts about it. Just got dumped by my bratty girlfriend so let the power of sound sustain me.....
There are two guest musicians;Dave Michaels plays the guitar lead at the end of "Tenement Block" and Matt Middleton performs saxophone and shawm on "Funky Grooove". All of these tracks were recorded at 232 Bellair Street in Kensington,Melbourne. 2010,what a crap year for ailment and doom.....
I played all the other parts(drums,vocals, and guitars).

The Satanic Rockers wish to thank in no particular order; Dave Wertham for showing me how to use Protools. KoF Gallery in Flemington down the road for rocking hard. Josh Jenkins and Beth Dawson for music enthusiasms. Rob Buick for letting me scorch his knives. Previous flatmates and workmates for inspiration. And all Rockers both Past and Present!!!Rock on Rockers!!!!!
I'll survive.

P.s.thanks Matt and Dave!