...off to a Flying Start since Sunday 15th August 2010

...off to a Flying Start since Sunday 15th August 2010

Friday, January 7, 2011

five dollar rip-off

and here is heavy turkey's five dollar rip-off.recorded in 2008 in wellington at the klearnote loungepad onto tascam four track this motherfucker was overloaded! there were some overdubs done on "bat's" and "satan raise the dead" involving the computer. i had an amateur's stab at compression and e.q. on a couple of tracks and tried to smooth out the upper frequencies so that it goes down like a warm slug down a canetoad's throat so let your ears flap around these thanks dude...Dave and I did the artwork by taking turns trying to draw each other..
The five dollar rip-off concept evolved out of our rushed production;we recorded,mixed,and manufactured the run of fifty cdr's in twenty four hours.That's why the sound quality is not as good as the first album.We also repeated a couple of tracks from the earlier release so you can do a comparison between the different versions.......schneurch!
Here is a clip filmed by Dave's girlfriend of us playing at the late Records Records in Dunedin which was run by Pat Faigan.Early 2009.....

Rockshop Album Rockshop(2009)

Previously I posted the Rockshop e.p.,so here is the album!It was recorded in 2009 on my fourtrack.No slack just christian rat attack snap,the bat's back! Fans of electric panflute will be disappointed..here's a clip filmed at the Klearnote of us by Piotr Wolodzko(hope I spelt your last name right!)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

At Last The Long-Promised New Satanic Rockers Album!!

It's taken about six months to get this sucker done but quality does not come quickly. This is my first digital era album and I am as pleased as peanuts about it. Just got dumped by my bratty girlfriend so let the power of sound sustain me.....
There are two guest musicians;Dave Michaels plays the guitar lead at the end of "Tenement Block" and Matt Middleton performs saxophone and shawm on "Funky Grooove". All of these tracks were recorded at 232 Bellair Street in Kensington,Melbourne. 2010,what a crap year for ailment and doom.....
I played all the other parts(drums,vocals, and guitars).

The Satanic Rockers wish to thank in no particular order; Dave Wertham for showing me how to use Protools. KoF Gallery in Flemington down the road for rocking hard. Josh Jenkins and Beth Dawson for music enthusiasms. Rob Buick for letting me scorch his knives. Previous flatmates and workmates for inspiration. And all Rockers both Past and Present!!!Rock on Rockers!!!!!
I'll survive.

P.s.thanks Matt and Dave!