...off to a Flying Start since Sunday 15th August 2010

...off to a Flying Start since Sunday 15th August 2010

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dayraiders :(

Here are four instrumental tunes that go by the working title "Dayraiders". I'm not sure why I decided to tag this collection with that name but I think the Batmanesque German bombers on the cover convey a certain gloomy vibe that these tracks have.
The first track is called "Now" and was from the Heavy Fighter sessions. With a simple distorted riff via pignose amp and slightly enthusiastic drums it complemented my LSD one afternoon in Kensington during late 2010.
Tune number two entitled "He 177" makes me think of diehard commitment to lost causes i.e. the Luftwaffe's He 177 dive-bomber programme. The lead break at the end sounds like an engine on fire...I'll let your imagination run wild, perhaps screaming pilots and out of control aircraft is a good starter! (Also from the Heavy Fighter sessions...)
"She's No Friend" is a little casiotone distorto skronk that I was going to use as a sample at a Heavy Turkey concert but we stopped playing before I had a chance to use it. The title is a mantra for me in my efforts to disengage myself from another failed relationship-crashing planes etc etc.. .
"The Thirsty River" was recorded around 2002 when I lived in a warehouse on the corner of Madras and Tuam Streets in Christchurch. Kent Roper plays bass, Rustle Covini plays drums and I strum the Hondo H-77. Recorded on a tape deck.
I play all the instruments except on the last track .... .


Feed the River
The thirsty river
The rain brings it to the top
Where the banks meet the path
It was clear a long time ago...
Drains and waste have made it brown and grey
But a couple of fish still live there
And the ducks continue to breed
Tourists with bread crumbs feed them.
One night I rode into the river
Drunk and stupid weaving up and down the banks
I swallowed a mouthfull and felt sick
Wet clothes, feeling sorry for myself again