...off to a Flying Start since Sunday 15th August 2010

...off to a Flying Start since Sunday 15th August 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Fuck jizz,poetry already!Yes it is,and, it is very creative. My friend Victoria who is an undiagnosed manic depressive wrote these as part of her "My Contributions To Contemporary Culture In The Face Of Fashion" four volume set of epic poems.This immensely massive piece of work has never been published. So look on listener and be welcomed into Victoria's word-world...
These recordings were from her critically acclaimed reading at the Conservative Lefty Lesbian Bookstore and were produced by a skinny man wearing rainbow spandex....believe me,Victoria's words are not to be taken lightly!

I cannot recommend this fine sampling of Victoria's fine body of work and it's all you're getting because she's all mine...

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