...off to a Flying Start since Sunday 15th August 2010

...off to a Flying Start since Sunday 15th August 2010

Thursday, June 12, 2014

AESTHETICS:@ Northcote Social Club,Melby, 9th June 2014

If this was in New Zealand you could possibly call it "Sickness Benefit Wave". The wave isn't very big 'cos there's not much money in it because that asset stripper forex genie arsehole John Key is going about dismantling as much social welfare as he can stick his eagle beaked nose into.....anyhow I'm just some baldy man intellectual with a penchant for rock and a venue to vent...BLAH,blat,blomb....it's probably best not to be a dick and try to categorise this music then I 'spose; 'twas just trying to be witty!
  I missed most of the other bands unfortunately and also on purpose-I really can't stand post-hardcore art jam music(what's the point in screaming and playing high energy punk beats when the message doesn't cut through-seemed like Dick Angst Rock to me). The Dinosaur Jr sounding group sounded ok though but it's way too backwards looking for an old fuck...
 Well, the Aesthetics have had a few line-ups over the years and have an underground following throughout the Land of the Long White (c)Loud. I even filled in for a while on drums here in friendly uncle Melby Town, I helped pay the rent on a Brunswick talent quest rehearsal space for a few months and it was generally a tense kind of fun. Rock has gotta keep rolling and I was rolled out!
Anyhow these ex-sheepfuckers provide what Uncle Melby needs-something to get fucked-up on and spill wine on the carpet to. Edie plays a solid bass groove and supports Matt on his sonic outings via her feedback drone potent and new member Jeremy's drums keep consistent throughout.
I must say I wasn't blown away by most of this set as I have heard it many times before and am not surprised by these old rock moves but the last track entitled "Better Dead Than Red" blew my fist into the air a couple of times and moved me from sarcastic bird flipping into spine-tingling swilling euphoria!
I didn't separate the tracks so it is ONE LONG EXPERIENCE!

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